2021-22 Undergraduate Competition

The 2021-22 undergraduate scholarship competition is now open for applications. Click the button below to view the competition details and access the application form. The deadline for applications is February 20, 2022.

New: Each Alpha Chi chapter may submit undergraduate nominations annually based on the number of new undergraduate members inducted by the chapter in the previous academic year:

0 - 49 inductees: allowed up to 2 nominations
50 - 99 inductees: allowed up to 3 nominations
100 - 299 inductees: allowed up to 4 nominations
300+ inductees: allowed up to 5 nominations

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The Edwin W. Gaston, Jr. and Alfred H. Nolle scholarships are for the senior year of undergraduate study. For eligibility, a nominee must be a full-time undergraduate student in the fall of the academic year following his or her nomination in the spring. Two Gaston Scholarships worth $3,000 each and ten Nolle Scholarships worth $2,000 each are awarded each year. All nominees automatically compete for both awards.

The Gaston Scholarship is named for Dr. Edwin Gaston, who served as national president from 1967 to 1979, during a period of great growth for Alpha Chi. The Nolle Scholarship is named for one of the society’s pioneers, Dr. Alfred Nolle (Nah’ lee), who served as secretary-treasurer for 41 years.

Electronic applications are due by February 20, 2022.