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Members Making News: November 2022
Posted by George Kantelis III on December 1, 2022

See what our Alpha Chi members accomplished this November!


Cassandra Bland (Student Member, Strayer University) was recently promoted to Director of Law Registration at UDC David A. Clarke School of Law.




Patricia A. Clary, Ph.D. (Alumni Member, Southeastern University) recently published "The Impact of COVID-19: The Phenomenological Effect of Burnout on Women in the Nonprofit Sector and Implications for the Post-Pandemic Work World" in MDPI.




Amber E. Price (Alumni Member, Strayer University) was recently featured on Canvas Rebel in a piece on her business and its success.



Patrick Rosal (Alumni Member, Bloomfield College) recently won the William Carlos Williams Award from the Poetry Society of America for his book, The Last Thing: New and Selected Poems.








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Aletheia: Volume 7, Issue 2 is Here!
Posted by George Kantelis III on November 8, 2022

Aletheia is one of the pride and joys of Alpha Chi that makes us undeniably unique as an honor society. Through Aletheia, we offer a unique and legitimate way for undergraduate members to showcase their best work and earn valuable experience in the publication process. Publication in Aletheia is also a great way for students to strengthen their applications for scholarships, fellowships, and graduate school.

What is it?

Simply put, Aletheia is a peer-reviewed academic journal for undergraduate scholarship that’s run front-to-back by Alpha Chi. Starting in 2016, Aletheia has stood as a rare platform for bright undergraduate Alpha Chi members to share their research in an official capacity.

This issue saw a whopping 8 publications and 24 total submissions: the biggest turnout Aletheia has had in four years! This is a credit to the journal’s editors Dr. Tim Lindblom and Dr. Kathi Vosevich and many professors who volunteered as blind reviewers for these student submissions. 

A quick highlight of each author’s work:

The Panamanian Crucible” by Zachary Blake accounts how anti-communist Panamanian General Manuel Noriega went from a valuable partner for the Reagan Doctrine to being ousted in the U.S. invasion of Panama less than a decade after Reagan’s inauguration.

Assessing Appropriate Assessments” by Samantha Burleson discusses how ELA teachers should decide which assessment formats to use in the courses in hopes of influencing leaders in education to reevaluate their curriculum.

Big 5 Personality Traits as They Relate to Risk Behaviors” by Grace Freeman conducts research to determine if personality traits like extraversion and neuroticism are positively linked with high-risk behaviors like drug use, self-harm, and gambling.

Critical Drinking: Analyzing Twelfth Night's ‘Drunken Rogue’” by Laura Hand analyzes Sir Toby Belch—a knight and notorious alcoholic in Twelfth Night—and uncovers Shakespeare’s social critique about excessive consumption as an abuse of power.

Spheres in F3q” by Benjamin Norton and Jeremy Chapman, Ph.D. details that four noncoplanar points in F3q determine a unique sphere.

The Attractive Criminal” by Victoria Tumilty researches how attractiveness and the types of crime that attractive criminals commit may or may not impact sentence severity.

Time and Number Words Used in Informal Conversations with Children” by Samantha Urban compares how number and time words are used with children and how their usage may affect a children’s developing numerical and temporal skills.

Faith and Trust: Religion's Impact on Political Trust” by Chloe Vaughn investigates the relationship between religiosity and an individual’s trust in political institutions.

Aletheia is not only about the undergraduate members who become published. It's also about the dozens of students whose work isn't quite ready for the rigors of the peer review process. Those members are usually offered several specific suggestions for how to refine or adapt their submissions to increase their chances of making it successfully through the entire process. Those students also benefit in some way by the friendly path we have set up for publication.