Pryor, Freeman & Organ Fellowships

Alpha Chi now awards $17,000 in fellowships to Alpha Chi alumni or graduate student members at the time of application. Applicants for these fellowships do not need a chapter nomination to compete. 

Pryor Fellowship for Doctoral Study: Alpha Chi will award one Pryor Fellowship of $6,000 to a student in a doctoral program who has completed at least two years of graduate or professional study beyond the baccalaureate degree.

The Joseph E. Pryor Fellowship is named for Dr. Joe Pryor who served in many capacities with Alpha Chi throughout his academic career—from advisor of the Arkansas Eta chapter at Harding University from its founding in 1957 to regional and national leadership. Dr. Pryor was the national Secretary-Treasurer from 1970 to 1983, and his last role with Alpha Chi was as its Executive Director from 1983 through 1993.

Freeman & Organ Fellowships for Master's Study: Alpha Chi will award one Freeman Fellowship of $4,000 and one Organ Fellowship of $4,000 for the first or second year of graduate or professional study beyond the baccalaureate degree.

The Walden S. Freeman Fellowship was in endowed in 2022 in memory of the late Dr. Wally Freeman by his wife Carolyn Freeman. Dr. Freeman served as advisor of the Missouri Alpha and Texas Alpha Sigma chapters in addition to serving on the National Council as Region IV's secretary-treasurer and, later, as member-at-large for three terms and national secretary from 1991-1995.

Also in 2022, another fellowship, The Dennis M. Organ Fellowship, was named to honor Dr. Dennis Organ, an Arkansas Eta alumnus who served as Alpha Chi's national Editor of Publications beginning in 1976 and as publications editor and Executive Director from 1993 until his retirement in 2012. 

Applicants in either of these two competitions (Pryor or Freeman/Organ) who submit cooperative projects or work will compete for one $3,000 award.

Pryor, Freeman, and Organ Competition Elements

I. The application form. Available in January, this online form must be submitted no later than February 20, 2023.

II. The most important aspect of the application form is evidence of scholarship; it will be judged for clarity, originality, and correctness of form. Evidence for this competition must be supplied in a form described in (A) or (B) below.

A. An academic paper in the applicant's major field

1) Papers should generally be between 10 and 25 pages long (double-spaced), saved in Word or as a PDF.
2) If an applicant submits a cooperatively written paper or project, the applicant must have written at least 50% of the submission, and only the portion of the paper written by the applicant will be judged. Writing not done specifically by the applicant must be clearly delineated in a red font or the entry will be disqualified. All cooperative submissions will be evaluated for the new $2,000 scholarship for cooperative submissions in the Pryor/Freeman/Organ competitions.
3) Scientific papers or projects should begin with an abstract.

B. Other appropriate work in the applicant's major field which is predominantly without a written element

1) Recorded audio or video performances are limited to 15 minutes.
2) As part of the online application, the applicant will be asked to provide a written explanation that demonstrates an understanding of the theoretical basis for the project or subject matter.
3) No more than 10 photographs or 10 works of art may be submitted.
4) Media such as photographs, videos, audio recordings, photographed art, etc., must be saved in common file formats.

C. If either type of submission above (A or B) represents a cooperative project, the nature of the collaboration and an assessment of the applicant's contributions will be requested as part of the online application form.

III. An official faculty assessment addressing the significance of the submission submitted by a faculty member in the field represented by the applicant's paper or project. Nominees must provide the faculty assessor's contact information as part of the online application; the assessment form will be automatically emailed to the faculty assessor upon submission of the online application form.

IV. A personal statement from the applicant outlining plans for study and detailing their extracurricular activities but not indicating financial need. The maximum length for this statement will be two pages, double-spaced, saved as a Word document titled "Statement." Applicants must upload this document as part of their online application form.

V. No additional materials will be considered, and only applications fully submitted via the online application form by the deadline will receive consideration.

The deadline for applications will be Feb. 20, 2023.