Collaborative Research Competition

The Dr. Trisha Yarbrough Collaborative Research Project Competition

Alpha Chi is a multidisciplinary honor society, and this annual competition is one way Alpha Chi fosters collaboration among student members from these different academic fields. During the 2022 convention, Executive Director Lara Noah announced that the competition had now been named for Dr. Trisha Yarbrough, the society’s third executive director and the person first responsible for the idea that Alpha Chi, a multidisciplinary organization, should proactively encourage collaborative undergraduate research with an express focus on finding solutions for real-world issues thus clearly making “scholarship effective for good,” the society’s charge to members since the 1930s.

The competition is judged by a multidisciplinary panel of judges that evaluates multiple competition elements including a 15-page written research report, a formal poster for display, and a live national convention presentation followed a question and answer period of both judge and audience questions. Any Alpha Chi chapter may put together a multidisciplinary team to do research around a common goal. The teams for the 2023 competition will declare their intent to compete no later than November 1, 2022. The Call for Projects will be posted here by August 1.

The 2022 competition results are posted here.