Travel & Housing Grants

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Alpha Chi wants each chapter to experience the 2023 National Convention in Albuquerque. Here are some ways Alpha Chi financially supports your participation. The desire of Alpha Chi leadership is to encourage each chapter to bring at least one student member and one chapter advisor to experience an Alpha Chi convention. Many chapters bring more! Our grants program can help you bring several students who can present their work to their peers. While chapters are welcome to bring students to more than one convention, we believe the experience should be shared with as many members as possible.

Please carefully review the information below as national and regional funds have been merged and combined into one process. If you have any questions, please speak with Katie at 800-477-4225.

Travel Grants


For one voting advisor delegate, one voting student presenter, and up to two additional student presenters, chapters may receive travel grants as follows:

  • For chapters driving to the convention, the Travel Grant per delegate listed above will be $125 ($500 max.)
  • For chapters flying to the convention, the Travel Grant per delegate listed above will be $250 ($1,000 max.)
  • For chapters flying from Hawaii, an extra $200 per voting advisor and voting student may be requested. 

To receive more than three travel grants total, at least one student presenter in your delegation must be attending the Alpha Chi convention for the first time. All travel-granted students must be presenters.


Housing Grants


Each chapter may receive housing grants as follows:

  • One advisor room for up to 3 nights (can be shared with other delegates at no charge)
  • One student delegate(s) room for up to 3 nights via one of the options below: 
    • Either one room of no fewer than 2 and up to 4 student delegates OR 
    • Up to two National Shared Doubles reservations (to accommodate students of differing genders)

At the rate of $177/night ($155 + 13.875% tax), the Housing Grant maximum per chapter will be $1,062. Note: Region I chapters are still eligible for regional reimbursements and are thus eligible only for the Travel Grants from National. Dr. Dennis Hall, Region I Secretary-Treasurer, will email advisors with additional details.

To be eligible for these grants, each granted delegate must:

  • be an official chapter advisor or a current student member still enrolled at their institution and be registered for the convention by the deadline
  • show up to give their presentation (if student presenter)
  • participate in chapter-strengthening sessions
  • attend the entire convention
  • lodge at the official convention hotel (The use of online reservation services such as Expedia will exclude you from Alpha Chi’s contracted room block, so hotel reservations should be made directly with the hotel or, in case of the Shared Doubles, directly with Alpha Chi.)

To receive these convention grants, a chapter must complete and return the official grant request form (whether a paper or online form) by April 10, 2023. After the convention, request forms will be reviewed for accuracy and checks mailed within 30 days of the convention.