Convention housing is more cost-effective when you can fill hotel rooms. If your delegation can’t fill a room with 2-4 delegates on its own, let the national office help with its room-sharing program. A Shared Double housing arrangement differs from a room reservation you make yourself because the national office works directly with the hotel on these. By pre-paying these arrangements, Alpha Chi can guarantee your chapter pays for only one-half of the room—even if we don’t find another student to share/pay for the other half of the room or if the assigned roommate fails to attend the convention. At the hotel, these students will check in with their photo ID and confirmation number and should not have to provide a credit card for incidentals, as Alpha Chi is guaranteeing these rooms, in trust, for the convenience of your chapter.

Suppose your chapter is bringing 5 male undergraduates to the convention. Whether you fill 1 room with 4 males or 2 rooms with 2 males each, you’d still have 1 male without housing. If so, you can register him in a Shared Double during online registration by pre-paying his 1/2 of the room rate when you pay your convention registration fees. The national office will assign him to a room with another male undergrad from another college.

An advisor should not register a student in Shared Double housing unless the student has agreed to the following:

  1. The national office will assign two undergraduates of the same gender to one non-smoking room with two queen beds and reserves the right to make changes. Male, female, or nonbinary must be selected during registration for Shared Doubles.
  2. Incidentals such as phone calls, laundry service, room-service dining, movies, or games, etc., may NOT be charged to these rooms. If a charge appears, the student’s chapter will be held responsible for reimbursing the national office (which may be handled by reducing the convention grants awarded to the chapter).
  3. When checking in at the hotel, remind the desk agent that your reservation is for a shared “double-double” room, and ask if your roommate has checked in. Get your own room key.
  4. Room swapping is not allowed unless an Alpha Chi meeting planner (via AX Central) is consulted in advance. 
  5. Be courteous and accommodating. Do not invite anyone to your room unless you have permission from your roommate in advance.

As a general rule, graduate students and alumni may not be placed in the Shared Doubles program. Call the office if you have any questions. 

The Sheraton’s check-in time is at 4:00, and check-out is at 11:00 a.m. Once a student is sure that no incidentals have been mistakenly charged to the room, they’re ready to go. If for some reason there is a billing dispute or issue at check-in or check-out, ask the hotel staff to phone an AX meeting planner.