Scholarship Nominees and Applicants

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National Competition Forms & Instructions

While the "Begin Application" button is at the bottom of this page, please read the information below before proceeding to the application.

Suggested Timeline
While the deadlines for this competition are Feb. 20, the national office suggests the following timeline to allow the process the time to work optimally.

  • In January - If your application requires a chapter nomination, contact your Chapter Advisor to make sure you will be selected for nomination.
  • By Feb. 10 - Complete your application so that your faculty assessor will receive the proper form and have time to complete it by Feb. 20.
  • By Feb. 20 - Have verified that your assessment has been sent and your application package is complete.

Chapter Advisor Nominations
Student members wishing to apply to the Sledge/Benedict or Gaston/Nolle undergraduate competitions must be nominated by their official chapter advisor for their application to be considered, and each chapter has a set number of nominations. Advisors will declare their chapter’s undergraduate nominee(s) by sending an email to with their college name as the subject line. The body of the email should contain the full name of each nominee followed by the name of the award being sought. The Pryor/Organ/Freeman Fellowship competitions do not require a chapter nomination.

Scholarship Application & Faculty Assessment

Select the applicable competition button below to review the competition and access the application form. Undergraduate members should verify with their chapter advisor that they will be selected as one of their chapter’s nominees before beginning the application process. The competitions for undergraduate students require a chapter advisor nomination (see that section below). Each application and its corresponding faculty assessment must be received by Feb. 20, 2023.


General Applicant Instructions
Members applying to any of the three programs must complete the online application. As part of the application form, applicants will upload a paper or other evidence of their scholarship. Depending on the type of submission, applicants may be asked to supply additional documents. Applicants should consult the appropriate competition guidelines above for full details before beginning their application.


Faculty Assessment Process
All three competitions require an official faculty assessment addressing the significance of the submission. It must be submitted by a faculty member in the field represented by the nominee’s paper or project. Nominees must provide their faculty assessor’s university contact information as part of the online application so that the assessment form can be automatically emailed to the faculty assessor upon submission of the online application form. However, it is the nominee’s responsibility to get their paper or other work to their faculty assessor for review. The official faculty assessment is also due by Feb. 20, 2023, so an applicant should submit their application early enough to give their faculty assessor time to complete the assessment by Feb. 20.

If you have questions about these procedures that your chapter advisor is unable to answer, please call 800-477-4225 or email