Regional Presidents - Vice Presidents

In addition to each region’s secretary-treasurer and student representative, who also serve on the National Council, the regional president and vice president complete the executive committee of each of Alpha Chi’s seven regions. The president and vice president hold office for two years once elected in the regional business meeting held during national conventions in even-numbered years.

Region I, 2022-24
President:  Dr. Jennifer Huddleston, Abilene Christian University
Vice President:  Dr. Erika Nielson Vargas, Texas State University

Region II, 2022-24
President:  Dr. Myra Houser, Ouachita Baptist University (and 2021-22)
Vice President:  Dr. Leslie DeArman, Southern Methodist University

Region III, 2022-24
President:  Dr. Kip Wheeler, Carson-Newman University
Vice President:  Dr. Mary Jackson, Milligan University

Region IV, 2022-24
President:  Dr. Justine Pas, Lindenwood University
Vice President:  Dr. Kathi Vosevich, Lindenwood University

Region V, 2022-24
President:  Dr. Tanner Babb, Huntington University
Vice President:  Dr. Joni Lindsey, Lake Superior State University

Region VI, 2022-24
President (pro tem):  Dr. Margaret A. FitzGerald, Pace University Westchester
Vice President:  none elected

Region VII, 2022-24
President:  Dr. Maria Palaiologou, California State University, Bakersfield
Vice President:  Dr. Breanna Naegeli, Grand Canyon University