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Alpha Chi has a long history and rich tradition of publishing student work over the years. Currently, Aletheia, our peer-reviewed undergraduate research journal with issues in both spring and fall, is the primary vehicle for such work. Aletheia was the dream of Dr. Trisha Yarbrough, Alpha Chi's most recently former executive director. Yarbrough had a vision for a peer-reviewed publication that came to fruition in 2016 and has continued steadily under the leadership of Aletheia co-editors Dr. Tim Lindblom of Jacksonville State University in Alabama and Dr. Kathi Vosevich of Lindenwood University in Missouri.

In previous decades, student research and creativity were published in a printed journal called the Recorder, a publication that grew in scope during the years when Dr. Dennis M. Organ was Alpha Chi's editor of publications.
During his tenure as editor (with many years holding both the editor and the executive director positions), Organ grew the journal from an annual issue to ultimately a volume of three separate issues a year: Proceedings, Undergraduate, and then Alumni. 

In addition to the Recorder, Organ kept chapters abreast of Alpha Chi news during the year with fall and spring issues of the Newsletter, a periodical mailed to chapters for distribution to members on their home campuses. These publications store a wealth of information about national a local chapter activities, the many prizes and scholarships chapters and student members won over the years, as well as society data as Alpha Chi grew from a hundred chapters to the more than 300 chapters that exist across the nation today.

Scholarship and Character

by Dr. Robert W. Sledge, Alpha Chi Historian

The Last Quarter Century

Picking up where Dr. Sledge left off, Dr. Dennis Organ is currently writing about years 75-100 of Alpha Chi. Our hope is to have this volume ready in time for Alpha Chi's centennial celebrations in 2022!