Frequently Asked Questions About Membership in Alpha Chi


Is Alpha Chi a non-profit organization? 

Yes. Alpha Chi is a 501c3 corporation with current articles of incorporation from the state of Arkansas and is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies. Read more.

Who is eligible for membership in Alpha Chi?

Membership is limited to the top 10 percent of juniors, seniors, and graduate students at colleges and universities that have a chapter of Alpha Chi. 

Can I apply for membership with the national office?

Individual applications made directly to the national office will not be accepted. Invitations to membership are issued only by the faculty of colleges and universities that have an Alpha Chi chapter.

How do I know whether my college has an Alpha Chi chapter?

Alpha Chi has chapters on some 300 college and university campuses across the United States. Click here to see our listing that shows each chapter’s official name and region:  Alpha Chi Collegiate Chapters

Does Alpha Chi induct graduate students?

Yes, if a chapter is at a college with graduate programs, the chapter is invited to induct graduate students who qualify for membership. 

What is the fee to join?

The lifetime national membership fee is $55. Chapters may add local dues to help fund chapter events and subsidize convention attendance. 

What if my school doesn’t have a chapter?

Then the only way you can become a member of Alpha Chi is to help establish a new chapter on your campus. If you e-mail the national office, we can tell you more about this process. However, the key will be enlisting faculty and administrative support, since the application for a chapter must come through the institution itself. 

What if my school is listed but no one seems to know anything about Alpha Chi?

Perhaps the chapter has become inactive. In this case, contact the national office for assistance in reviving the chapter. Sometimes this can be accomplished if students on campus demonstrate sufficient interest to the administration and faculty. 

What if my school has a chapter but I don’t know what the local membership requirements are?

Contact your school’s faculty advisor in charge of maintaining the chapter. That person should be able to answer your questions. Call 800-477-4225 for the name and email address of your chapter’s advisor. 

What if I think I should be invited but I haven’t been?

Again, you need to check with the chapter advisor. You could have been accidentally overlooked, or you may not be aware of some requirement you are missing.