Aletheia is one of the nation's few peer-reviewed journals for undergraduate scholarship. In keeping with the strong tradition of student involvement at all levels of Alpha Chi, this provides a forum for students to become actively involved in the writing, peer review, and publication process.

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Interested in getting published in Aletheia? Not sure if you have the right stuff?

Just send an email with your manuscript to, and our friendly editors will give you some quick advice. We’ll let you know if you need a bit of polish or if you should just submit your manuscript directly to the official review process. We are here to help you on your publication journey.

Submission Requirements

  1. Submissions should contribute to scholarship in new, creative, and engaging ways, rather than just providing an overview of previous scholarly work.
  2. Submissions that are literature reviews or summaries of the work of others are unlikely to be published in Aletheia
  3. Submitted manuscripts should contain only the unpublished work of undergraduate authors, and all authors should have contributed substantially to the work. Additional authors may be included, but the bulk of the work must have been accomplished by undergraduate authors. 
  4. Permission to publish will be required from all authors on the final, accepted manuscript.
  5. Submissions should be in English.
  6. Authors assume responsibility for securing permission to publish any copyrighted material, including figures, tables, and other visuals, that are cited in the manuscript.
  7. Submissions containing data from human or animal participants must document approval by the lead institution’s Institutional Review Board.
  8. All work should be free from falsehood, fabricated or misleading data, plagiarism, or any form of dishonest
  9. If accepted, a submission will be published in the next Fall issue after it has been fully reviewed and prepared for publication. 
  10. View the journal workflow infographic below, and then follow the Instructions for Manuscript Submissions (click to view and/or download the pdf).

Deadline for Manuscript Submissions

Submissions to the journal may be sent at any time. If accepted, a submission will be published in the next available issue after it has been fully reviewed and prepared for publication. To ensure adequate time for the peer review process, submissions received after April 15 may not be ready for publication in the next issue.

More Questions?
All other questions should be directed to the Aletheia staff at

cartoon style infographic showing a simplified overview of the journal's peer review process