Alpha Chi’s 100th Anniversary.  Former Alpha Chi National Council President Dr. Robert Sledge’s noteworthy Scholarship and Character details Alpha Chi’s story through its 75th anniversary. For the honor society’s 100th anniversary, the National Council wants to enhance and update his work with scores of personal stories captured in oral history interviews of students, faculty, staff, and friends involved with Alpha Chi, past and present. Recorded, transcribed, archived, and catalogued, these interviews will provide an exciting collective history of Alpha Chi for current members and future historians.

While every chapter deserves its own oral history, we propose to start off by making a big impact with a narrow plan. There are people without whom, Alpha Chi would not have been able to impact so many lives. Many of those people are still with us and represent a period of growth through change. They have helped the organization weather storms and prosper. No oral history of Alpha Chi would be complete without their stories, and we want to gather them first. 


2021-22 Call for Interviews

Voices of Alpha Chi Overview

Guidelines for Conducting Interviews

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Watch below to see an interview with one of Alpha Chi's former executive directors, Dr. Dennis Organ.

This recording is from a session called "A Centennial Agenda: Looking Back and Looking Ahead" during the 2021 National Convention held virtually.