Professional Development for Advisors


While a lot of convention programming is geared toward student members, Alpha Chi’s annual conventions hold many opportunities for chapter advisors to give back while growing their professional resume and experience. Here’s how to remind your administration of the institutional benefits of an experienced faculty and staff.

Build Your CV

  • Serve on a judging team for a category of student presentations and together select the prize winner.
  • Moderate a student presentation session with Q&A.
  • Facilitate a topical roundtable discussion.
  • Share your expertise by leading a chapter development workshop.
  • Run for a regional or national leadership position.
  • Lead an instructional session catered toward enriching members’ soft skills.

Gain Professional Development

  • Assist your students with travel and conference skills.
  • Gain knowledge in topical roundtable discussions.
  • Network with advisors and students from other colleges.
  • Explore how to leverage AX and your role as advisor with your institution’s administration.
  • Learn how to maximize your chapter’s influence by attending chapter development workshops.

Recharge & Build Relationships

“I’ve always come home [from convention] recharged. I can get frustrated with the day-to-day business of teaching and academia, and sometimes I lose track of why I love what I do. A great way of getting that back front and center is to go to an Alpha Chi convention—because you’re hanging out with the smartest students you’re ever going to run into, you have faculty members that are interested and enthusiastic about learning and academic excellence, in a wonderful place and a wonderful hotel. What’s not to like? I remember that’s why I do this!"

–Prof. Suzi Pundt, Chapter Advisor

Do you have an idea for contributing at this year’s convention that isn’t listed? Contact Katie Holmes by emailing to share your idea and see how it might be incorporated into the 2024 national convention!