About Alpha Chi


Since 1922 Alpha Chi National College Honor Society has distinguished itself as one of the top national honor societies in the nation. Now with 500,000 alumni, some 300 chapters across 45 states, and 10,000 new members annually, we recognize exceptional student scholars and unite them around one goal—channeling creativity and curiosity into scholarship that serves the greater good.

The name Alpha Chi comes from the first letters of the Greek words Aletheia (Truth) and XAPAKTHP (Character), and how that truth is defined for Alpha Chi is demonstrated in the following character traits:

  • Tenacity for improved communication skills and a willingness to reflect on our societal impact
  • Respect and reason in discourse that leads to responsible and purposeful action
  • Understanding of different world views and truths with empathy
  • Thoughtful and character-driven use of intellectual leadership
  • Humility that encourages each other to growth


Alpha Chi's mission, in part, is to broaden our members' collegiate experience by:

·       Encouraging Student Creativity and Research

·        Fostering Excellence and Service in Action

·        Promoting Personal Growth through Diversity

·        Equipping Compassionate Listeners and Leaders

·        Providing a Path for Academic and Professional Mentoring

·        Exemplifying How to Make Scholarship Effective for Good

Every honor society celebrates academic achievement, but at Alpha Chi we’re all about making scholarship effective for good and influencing the world for the better. We’re also about making college a better experience for our student members. As Alpha Chi begins its second century, additional focus will be given to promoting critical, constructive, inclusive, and respectful conversations about important societal matters that contribute to one’s search for truth and personal growth. Students wanting to learn more about Alpha Chi should review The Alpha Chi Difference.


The Value of Alpha Chi to University Life

Alpha Chi gives your most gifted students a place to thrive. An Alpha Chi chapter helps to fuel a robust intellectual life both inside and outside the classroom, offering high-achieving students opportunities to engage with a community of peers on campus and across the country.

Invigorates your campus’ intellectual life. Our chapters celebrate and cultivate the life of the scholar. Chapters often sponsor lectures, forums, debates, workshops, and publication opportunities, events that cultivate the scholarly community and benefit both members and non-members alike.

Offers leadership and service opportunities. Alpha Chi offers resume-building opportunities as leaders of campus chapters and national governance. Project planning, public speaking, organizational development, and effective fundraising are all valuable skills fostered in healthy chapters.

Fosters collaboration among your best and brightest. Alpha Chi breaks down departments and institutional divisions. Multidisciplinary in membership, Alpha Chi facilitates interaction and friendships among your most high-achieving students.

Offers a rich source for scholarships and financial awards. Alpha Chi offers many grants, scholarships, fellowships, awards, and travel stipends to support undergraduate and graduate scholarship. Provides excellent incentives for top-performing students, especially at institutions without robust endowments.

For more information, see the Alpha Chi Viewbook.

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Alpha Chi is a member of the
Association of College Honor Societies, the national accreditation association for university honor societies. 
For faculty and administrators interested in bringing a chapter to a college campus, we invite you to read Alpha Chi - Effective for Good.

The Association of College Honor Societies, founded in 1925, is the standard for honor society excellence.