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Since 1922 Alpha Chi has been committed to transforming students into scholars and classrooms into corridors for change. With $75,000 awarded annually in scholarships and fellowships for full-time study, $90,000 given in travel and housing grants for national convention participation, and another $10,000 awarded in convention presentation prizes, Alpha Chi remains dedicated to empowering students to expand their educational reach. Spanning all disciplines, Alpha Chi chapters provide students with forums, debates, and workshops at universities across the country and nationally hosts an annual convention that brings together our nation’s brightest and most driven students. This depth of involvement is only made a reality through Alpha Chi supporters like you.

Take action by donating today to keep the lamp of knowledge shining on the path to making more scholarship effective for good!

When you choose to invest in Alpha Chi, you choose to support thousands of new students inducted annually who are poised and ready to achieve robust academic success and implement their knowledge to make a real-world difference. We hope you'll choose to invest not only in the individual lives of Alpha Chi members but also in the lives that will be exponentially affected by the daily efforts of our membership.

Alpha Chi is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

As a tax-exempt educational nonprofit, our federal EIN is 74-6047760. Alpha Chi donations are also tax exempt in every state. We are not able to accept donations from the District of Columbia yet, so if you are from DC and would like to donate, please send an email to, and we'll notify you by email once our exemption there has been approved.

Our established donor levels, which are acknowledged annually in both Kalo and the Proceedings Recorder, are: Contributor ($100-499), Supporter ($500-999), and Benefactor ($1000+).