Star and Notable Chapter Awards

Each Alpha Chi chapter can be annually awarded one of two chapter honorifics for meeting certain benchmarks of chapter success. Meeting these benchmarks is something your chapter officers can prioritize each year. At the end of each academic year, each chapter of Alpha Chi is required to submit its Annual Report. The form is provided by the National Office annually by May 1. Annual Report data is used in early fall to determine which chapters have earned recognition as a Star Chapter or a Notable Chapter for the previous academic year.

The lists (below) of these distinguished chapters are updated each fall and published in that year's Proceedings Recorder. All Star and Notable Chapters will receive an embossed certificate for presentation and display on campus. In addition, a formal letter of recognition will be mailed to the institution’s president and provost.



To be considered for either honorific, elements 1 and 2 are each required as the starting point:

  1. New members must have been invited, registered, and inducted during the previous academic year.
  2. The academic year was completed by filing the Annual Chapter Report with the National Office by no later than Sep. 1st.

To earn Notable status, at least 3 additional criteria below must have been met during the previous academic year. To achieve Star Chapter status, all 5 additional criteria below must have been met

  1. At least one national Gaston/Nolle, Sledge/Benedict, or Pryor scholarship application must have been submitted.
  2. A minimum of one advisor and one student delegate must have attended the annual national convention.
  3. A minimum of one student presentation must have been given at the annual national convention.
  4. At least one on-campus scholarly/academic program must have been sponsored.
  5. At least one service-based activity must have been sponsored.