Sponsor Recognition & Awards

Sponsor Service Pin

Alpha Chi depends on the chapter sponsor on each campus to be the primary contact for its members while they are in school. The sponsor service pins were created to publicly recognize this integral role. At five year increments, starting at year 10, sponsors are presented with service pins at national conventions. At ten years of service, sponsors are presented with a silver lapel pin to mark that anniversary. Upon fifteen years of service, a new pin is given that is topped with a service bar. At additional five-year increments, gemstones are added to that service bar until, at 35 years of service, the sponsor has a pin with a full bar studded with two sapphire stones, two emerald stones, two diamonds, and one ruby.

Distinguished Service Award

Alpha Chi began giving these awards in 2001 to honor the individuals whose service to the society has been the most influential. The majority of the recipients are current or very recent faculty sponsors recommended by their respective regional councils. The National Council also may consider individuals now retired but with significant past service to Alpha Chi, or others who have made important contributions to the work of the society. A region may recommend one sponsor for every 20 active chapters in the region. Each recipient will be presented with a commemorative award during the convention.

Outstanding Sponsor Award

An additional award Alpha Chi began giving in 2007 is an honorarium called the Outstanding Sponsor Award. Two chapter sponsors are chosen annually based on the knowledge we have of their dedication to their students, to the chapter, and to Alpha Chi in general. This annual cash award of $200 is to be used by the recipient as he or she desires. The recipients of this award in 2016 were Dr. James Clark of Long Island University-Brooklyn and Dr. Lori Hensley of Ouachita Baptist University.