Fall Deadlines

September 1
Annual Chapter Reports for the previous academic year are due so that Star Chapters and Notable Chapters can be determined.

September 30
Quarterly honorary membership nomination deadline

November 1
Last day to enter the Collaborative Research Project Competition by emailing your chapter’s collaborative research project abstract and team membership to

December 31
Quarterly honorary membership nomination deadline

Spring Deadlines

February 1
Deadline to declare the chapter’s nominees for the undergraduate and/or graduate competitions by sending one email to, inserting your institution’s name as the subject line, and listing in the body the information for each nominee.

February 15
Nolle, Benedict, and Pryor electronic application packets/all items due
Deadline to pre-register your chapter’s convention delegation
Last day for students to electronically submit their convention presentations to the national office

March 31
Quarterly honorary membership nomination deadline

Summer Deadlines

June 15
Annual Chapter Reports, while not due until Sept 1, would be greatly appreciated by June 15.

June 30
Quarterly honorary membership nomination deadline

July 1
All new member registrations for the recently ended academic year are due to the National Office.