2020 National Competition Forms & Instructions

Scholarship Applicants

Once you’ve reviewed these Application Submission Instructions, you’ll be ready to get started. The URL to the application portal is in the instructions.

Note: Students should verify with their chapter sponsor that they will be selected as one of their chapter’s nominees before beginning the application process.

Chapter Sponsors

Your applicants will initiate the nomination process by sending you an email request to verify them as one of your chapter’s two nominees through the scholarship application portal. Upon receiving this email request, all you’ll need to do is register through the portal (an extremely quick process) and respond to the student’s request. You’ll only have to register for the portal once. If you haven’t seen a request from one of your nominees by February 1, it might be a good idea to check in with them and make sure they’re still planning to apply.

Faculty Assessor

Similarly to the sponsor verification process above, the professor providing the assessment of the student’s submission will also be done through the scholarship portal. Students will send a request to their faculty assessor through the scholarship application portal. That assessment must be completed prior to the deadline so the applicant may submit their package.


The deadline to submit applications is Feb. 15. If you have questions about these procedures that your chapter sponsor is unable to answer, please call 800-477-4225.