Privacy Policy

Alpha Chi does not currently collect personal information from members via the internet or this Web site. The personal information we collect from members upon induction into the Society is kept for the sole use of Alpha Chi and its partnered companies.

We respect your privacy and allow you to restrict external sharing of your personal information. If you contact us with an opt-out request, all reasonable efforts will be taken to ensure that you will not receive any of the selected communications in the future. If you do not wish to opt out at this time, you may do so at a later date. If at any time you need clarification on what Alpha Chi does with your personal information, please don’t hesitate to contact the national office at 501-593-4810.

If you wish to opt out of communication by phone, email, or regular mail from any of Alpha Chi’s partnered companies, log on to your profile and select the “keep my information private” box at your “My Profile” tab. If you are unable to log on, please inform the National Office by sending a detailed email message to Please include your name, Alpha Chi Member Number, phone number, and mailing address. If your member number is not available, include the college where you were inducted and the approximate year of your induction into Alpha Chi.


Third parties may place cookies on the browser of Alpha Chi website visitors for targeted advertising purposes.

Log Information

When you visit Alpha Chi websites, our servers may automatically record (or log) information that your browser sends. This information may include: your internet protocol (IP) address, browser type and language, the date and time of your form submission, the number of times a web page was accessed, the paths (links) taken through the website, and search terms entered on our search engines. Our websites may also collect information about the internet address (URL or IP) of the referring site. This type of information is collected to improve website or individual web page content, monitor performance, improve functionality (including navigation and searches), site security, troubleshooting, and to provide services to you. COA uses third party web analysis services to help gather and analyze this information.


Some of our sites may employ cookies. A cookie is a small file containing a string of characters that is either maintained only for the duration of a particular session visit (called a session cookie) or is stored on your computer to uniquely identify your browser to support future visits (a persistent cookie). A session cookie terminates when the visitor closes the browser; the data is not stored. COA sites that use persistent cookies store the information collected during the visit to make subsequent visits more efficient for the visitor. Cookies provide usage statistics about our websites; as we understand how our sites are used, we can facilitate navigation in our COA web space and enhance the visitor’s experience. Cookies may also be used for authentication processes (site security purposes). You may remove COA persistent cookies from your computer at any time by following your internet browser directions. If you prefer not to receive a cookie, you may set your browser to refuse it or set it to ask you whether you want to accept a particular cookie. However, some pages may not function properly if the cookies are turned off.


You have the option to decline providing information about yourself online and may use other methods, such as the U.S. mail to submit requests. You may ask the individual identified as the contact for the Web site you’re visiting whether there are additional alternatives to obtaining the information or services you seek.