Congratulations on being invited to join Alpha Chi, one of the nation’s most prestigious and distinctive honor societies!

Why Join Alpha Chi?

Given your grades, you’re probably receiving invitations to join lots of honors organizations. Frankly, some of those invitations come from fraudulent or less-than-credible organizations. But Alpha Chi is an ACHS-certified honors organization that offers more than just an accolade for your resume, but an experience, a chance to engage within a scholarly community comprised of the top student scholars from around the country.

Accept Your Invitation

Here are just a few benefits we offer smart, curious students like you.

  • Join an elite group. Alpha Chi invites only the top ten percent of eligible juniors, seniors, and graduate students.
  • Build your resume. Alpha Chi membership stands out on resumes and graduate school applications.
  • Present your work. Alpha Chi gives its members a rare platform to present original research and creative work to a critical audience of your peers, both on campus and at our national annual convention.
  • Lead your chapter. From the chapter level to the national level, Alpha Chi gives you opportunity to serve—even as a student representative on our National Council.
  • Apply for scholarships. Alpha Chi offers a number of grants, scholarships, fellowships, and awards to support undergraduate and graduate scholarship.
  • Cross-pollinate and collaborate. Unlike discipline-specific honorary groups, Alpha Chi is multidisciplinary and lets you collaborate with members across majors.
  • Build a scholarly network. Alpha Chi is a great way to make connections for grad school—and beyond.
  • Be as involved as you want. You’ll make no scary commitments when you become an Alpha Chi member. You can be as involved as you want in chapter activities.
  • Find your mentor. Alpha Chi sponsors and their colleagues are some of the brightest faculty on your campus—you’ll have special access to them.
  • Enjoy fellowship and camaraderie. The chance to build friendships and collaborate with others who share your intellectual curiosity is something Alpha Chi members cherish the most.
  • Apply for travel money. Alpha Chi offers members travel grants so that students may present their scholarly research at the annual national convention.
  • Get published. Alpha Chi’s online, peer-reviewed undergraduate research journal, Aletheia, gives members a chance to publish their scholarly and creative work. Graduate student members may gain valuable experience by serving as first-round peer reviewers.  

The Alpha Chi Difference

Every honor society celebrates academic achievement, but at Alpha Chi we’re all about making scholarship effective for good and changing the world for the better. We’re also about making college a better experience for our student members.

Am I eligible for Alpha Chi membership?

Alpha Chi membership–good for a lifetime–is limited to the top 10 percent of juniors, seniors, and graduate students at colleges and universities that have Alpha Chi chapters. We’re an invitation-only society, open to those students whose academic performance and character qualify them for invitation by their institutions’ faculty and administrators.

Put simply, being asked to join Alpha Chi is a tremendous honor. Campuses often celebrate the distinction of Alpha Chi membership at graduation and other academic ceremonies, a distinction members can also claim on their CV and resume throughout their lives.

See a full list of Alpha Chi chapters here.