Chartering a Chapter

To be eligible for consideration for a chapter of Alpha Chi, an institution must offer, at a minimum, the baccalaureate degree, and must be a member in good standing of one of the regional accrediting associations. Currently, only petitions from not-for-profit institutions are being considered. By chartering a chapter of Alpha Chi, you’ll join hundreds of institutions of higher learning across the country in offering your students access to one of the nation’s most prestigious, student-centered honored societies.

Considering an Alpha Chi Chapter for Your Campus?

Keeping your best and brightest students challenged and engaged—both in the classroom and in the wider scholarly community—is the greatest challenge facing faculty mentors and honors directors. We can help. Alpha Chi is more than just another honors organization. We are 
distinctive in the value we offer your students, faculty, and campus communities. Here are just a few things our chapter advisors say they most appreciate about Alpha Chi.

  • Alpha Chi gives your most gifted students a place to thrive. Alpha Chi fuels intellectual growth by connecting high-achieving students with a nationwide community of peers.
  • Invigorates your campus’ intellectual life. Our chapters invigorate campus life by sponsoring engaging academic events such as lectures, debates, and workshops.
  • Offers leadership and service opportunities. Alpha Chi provides students with leadership roles and promotes valuable skills like project planning, public speaking, and organizational development.
  • Works hand in hand with your Honors community. Alpha Chi bolsters an honors climate by encouraging scholarly and civic programming, including an annual National Convention for students to present original work.
  • Fosters collaboration among your best and brightest. By breaking down institutional silos, Alpha Chi promotes multidisciplinary interaction and teamwork among high-achieving students, including an annual competition to solve real-world problems.
  • Offers a rich source for scholarships and financial awards. Alpha Chi provides scholarships, fellowships, and awards to support students, offering an attractive incentive for top performers, especially in institutions with limited endowments.


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