An Alpha Chi chapter may annually receive the prestigious Star Chapter designation by meeting the following criteria:

  1. New members must be invited, registered, and inducted during the academic year.
  2. The Annual Chapter Report must be filed with the National Office by September 1.
  3. A minimum of one sponsor and one student delegate must attend the annual national convention.
  4. A minimum of one student presentation must be made at the annual national convention.
  5. At least one national Gaston/Nolle, Sledge/Benedict, or Pryor application must be submitted each academic year.
  6. At least one on-campus scholarly/academic program must be sponsored during the academic year.
  7. One nomination must be submitted for Honorary Membership during the academic year. (Item 7 not required until 2020-21.*)

Beginning September 1 each year, the National Office will review all reports and surveys to determine the chapters that meet the requirements to receive the honorific of Star Chapter. A formal certificate will be shipped to each Star Chapter for presentation and display on campus. A list of the chapters will be published in the Newsletter and on the Alpha Chi National web site.

*Beginning in the 2020-21 academic year, chapters seeking to receive Star Chapter designation will also be required to submit a nomination for Honorary Membership along with completing the other criteria.

A complete list of Star Chapters by award year is available here.