An Alpha Chi chapter may annually receive recognition as a Notable Chapter byachieving these benchmarks of healthy chapter life:

  1. New members must be inducted and registered during the academic year.
  2. The Annual Chapter Report must be filed with the National Office by
    September 1.

  And, additionally, any three of the following:

  1. A minimum of one sponsor and one student delegate must attend the annual national convention.
  2. A minimum of one student presentation must be made at the annual national convention.
  3. At least one national Nolle, Benedict, or Pryor application (for national scholarships) must be submitted each academic year.
  4. At least one scholarly/academic program must be sponsored on campus during the academic year.

Beginning September 1 each year, the National Office will review the Annual Chapter Reports for chapters that meet the Notable Chapter requirements. Certificates will be shipped to the Notable Chapters for presentation locally. A list of the chapters will be published in the  Newsletter and on the Alpha Chi National web site.