Call for Aletheia Submissions

The editors of Aletheia, Alpha Chi’s peer-reviewed journal of undergraduate scholarship, invite members to submit undergraduate scholarly or creative work for publication in its Fall issue. While work may be submitted for the peer review process at any time, only submissions received by April 15 will be considered for the Fall 2021 issue.

Aletheia publishes original, quality scholarship from all academic fields. Original scholarship does not include literature reviews (in which you basically summarize other people’s research). Original scholarship should be just that—original, or with a new and intriguing analysis that departs from merely repeating “status quo” research on a topic. Your chapter sponsor or faculty advisor can easily help you determine if your work would be a good fit.

Because Aletheia is peer-reviewed (or refereed), getting published in our journal means that your work is reviewed by experts and exemplifies the best research practices in a field—and this is a big differentiator to add to your curriculum vitae or resume.

Submit your work to the journal today!


Dr. Kathi Vosevich, Editor
Dr. Tim Lindblom, Editor

P.S. Although Aletheia is a journal of undergraduate scholarship, graduate student members can experience the peer review process from the reviewers’ side, as part of the double-blind review process.