Aletheia—Alpha Chi’s Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship

Aletheia debuted in 2016 and is one of the nation’s few peer-reviewed journals for undergraduate scholarship. In keeping with the strong tradition of student involvement at all levels of Alpha Chi, this provides a forum for students to become actively involved in the writing, peer review, and publication process.

In this video, Abigail Manis talks about her experience with Aletheia’s publishing process.  You may read her published work in Aletheia Volume 4, Issue 2.

For step-by-step details, select Getting Published from the menu on the left or see an overview of the process on the infographic below:

Since its founding in 1922, Alpha Chi has been deeply invested in fueling undergraduate research and creativity. We have always challenged students to find and lend their growing voice to the most pressing conversations and issues of the moment. Publishing that original work—some for the first time—is part of being an Alpha Chi member. Aletheia presents students with an opportunity to disseminate online their empirical research, critical literary analysis, policy analysis, or artistic endeavors to a wider audience. Combined with the opportunity to present papers and creative work at the National Convention, Alpha Chi is a springboard for students to launch their scholarly careers.

Peer-reviewed articles in every issue
The editorial staff of Aletheia works hard to make its peer review a good place to start—helping members craft a high-quality article and providing them with feedback from scholars in their field. Peer-reviewed articles accepted for publication exemplify the best research practices in a field and offer a way to add legitimate value to a curriculum vitae.

How to submit scholarly work
Submissions to the journal may be sent at any time. To appear in the fall issue, submissions must be received by April 15. To appear in the spring issue, submissions must be received by November 15. If accepted, a submission will be published in the next available issue after it has been fully reviewed and prepared for publication.

Alpha Chi members can be published at no per page charge; a page charge does apply for non-members. Please read the Journal Mission and Workflow for more detail.

Current Aletheia Staff:
Journal Manager: Lara Noah
Editor: Dr. Tim Lindblom
Editor: Dr. Kathi Vosevich
Production Editor: Katie Holmes
Layout Editor: Melinda Hicks

Editorial Review Board: Dr. Charles Carter, Shorter University; Dr. Karl Havlak, Angelo State University; Dr. Tim Lindblom, Jacksonville State University; Dr. W. Travis McMaken, Lindenwood University; Dr. Craig Nakashian, Texas A&M University Texarkana; Dr. Craig Rogers, Campbellsville University; and Dr. Kathi Vosevich, Lindenwood University

Workflow chart by Andrew Bailey

All editorial and review processes have been impacted due to COVID-19, so response times about your manuscript may not be as timely as usual. We continue to be committed to helping you craft a high-quality article and providing you with feedback from scholars in your field. We appreciate your patience as we get through this pandemic together.

In scholarship and in service,
Aletheia editors