National Governance

Governing Documents

Constitution and Bylaws


National Council

The National Council is the planning and executive arm of Alpha Chi. Its membership varies, but includes a constitutional minimum of eight faculty members elected by the National Convention, seven other faculty who are regional secretary-treasurers, and seven students representing their regions. From the faculty members on the Council are elected the three national officers: president, vice president, and secretary. Along with the executive director, who serves ex officio, these compose the executive committee.

Current National Council Members


Regional Officers

Each chapter of Alpha Chi is affiliated with one of seven regions, which convene every year to conduct their business. The regions meet in conjunction with the annual National Convention. Each region elects from faculty sponsors a president, vice president, and secretary-treasurer; they, along with the elected student representative, compose the executive committee.

Current Regional Officers

  • Region I: West Texas, Oklahoma Panhandle, and New Mexico
  • Region II: East Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana
  • Region III: Southeast, Middle Atlantic, and Puerto Rico
  • Region IV: Northern Plains
  • Region V: Eastern Midwest
  • Region VI: Northeast
  • Region VII: West


Chapter Sponsors

Each chapter functions with an adviser (Alpha Chi calls them sponsors) who acts as the liasion to the national office. The chapter sponsor is responsible for overseeing all aspects of local chapter life. Many chapters also elect assistant sponsors who help the primary sponsor with these duties. Find your chapter sponsor here.


National Office

Alpha Chi’s national headquarters are in Searcy, Arkansas. Contact Us